Thursday, 2 July 2015

Candle wax resist

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the distance
Since my previous drawing ended up being so dark I thought I would try to take this sketch a stage further and make it even more dark. I like the idea of a sketch which is almost entirely black but it would have to make some kind of visual sense. I did this in my previous sketching project and really liked the result.

Some more canal-side art
I had also decided to try using candle wax as a resist to the Indian ink. I didn't take the trouble to try this out at home in my sketchbook before I left the house so I had to experiment as I went along. I found that if the Indian ink was diluted enough the resist worked well and produced some interesting results. If the ink was straight out of the bottle and very black the wax resist was so subtle it was practically invisible.

When I began this series I thought I would be making conventional drawings but as the sketches are stacking up it seems I am venturing into painting. I have been using, amongst other things, a half inch decorating brush which has loosened up my approach. I'm also enjoying using Indian ink which I have learned was being produced in China as early as the middle of the 3rd millennium BC although the source of the materials to make the carbon pigment was later often traded from India, hence its name.


  1. due to all the chaos in my life at the moment, I have only viewed your work via FB which is a shame because I love your commentary on how this drawing and all the other drawings came about. Seems you are building up quite a community of admirers and conversations on your journey along the canal. I can see this being a book to published in the end.
    Quick questions 1: do you use the same sketchbook and how big is it. 2. What is your stool like. 3. How do carry your supplies? is it a specific bag or does it depend on what you take with you on the day?

    1. Thanks Jacqui for your comments. I can't upload a photo here of my sketching stool and bag so I will put one in the next blog post. I am using the same sketchbook for consistency. It is A3 size (so double A4). I carry my supplies in my 'old ladies' shopping trolley. Nearly all women of a certain age has one in London so if I need to buy any groceries I have to empty the trolley. :)

  2. I love looking at your work. You seem to be creating so much and with such variety a variety of techniques in such a short time. Does candle resist work on fabric?

  3. Cathy, I'm glad you are enjoying this series of drawings. You certainly can use wax resist on fabric. The technique is batik and I'm sure you can find videos on YouTube that will show you how it works.