Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The middle lock

The Hertford Union Canal only has three locks and this is the one in the middle
I completed this drawing in one session and it took two hours. I'm now able to work for longer than I was at the start of this project where I was only able to concentrate for about 40 minutes but then I had chosen a very intricate composition for my first drawing. I've decided that having a flask of tea handy makes the difference between pressing on and giving up.

The more I studied this view the more variations I could see in the surface of the bridge. At first glance it just looks like a creamy coloured structure but then you start to see the bumps and inconsistencies and the shadows. I think it has weathered very well considering it was built in around 1830. It's covered in graffiti these days but since I don't want to celebrate bad artwork I've chosen to overlook it and concentrate on the view.

I've begun to attract comments from passers-by and so far they have all been interested in what I'm doing but I don't expect this will always be the case. I've designed some mini flyers the size of credit cards to give away to interested people to encourage them to look at the blog and see the drawings as part of a series and so far they have been gladly accepted. For the time being this represents the sum total of my marketing strategy. I'm off to a networking event tomorrow evening and I'm curious to see how these will be received.

A clearer view of the lock gates which are used regularly by boats on the move


  1. I absolutely love the shading on this drawing.

  2. Thanks Cathy, glad you like it.

  3. Your drawings are just getting stronger and stronger. Seems like you are getting the hang of this networking lark with business cards and instagram. You also seem to have conquered that shyness you said stopped you before, well done. :)

  4. Thanks Jacqui, it's true that I am much more relaxed about chatting with people while sketching than I have ever been before. I guess it's a matter of confidence.

  5. As I head to the UK and France, I aim to do a sketch a day...nice way to remember the trip and make new friends, too! (friend of Marta and Fred's)

    1. Glad to make your acquaintance Nancy and perhaps you'll let us have a peek at your sketches.