Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Catching the blossom before it fades

The broken red rule marks my route between Wick Lane and White Post Lane
I've completed my first drawing. I'm letting this series of drawings take as long as they like to complete which is going to test my patience. I did this one in about 3.5 hours over five sessions. The weather varied over the five days from windy to hot. On the hot day I ate a picnic lunch at the bench where I was working and three people said hello to me as they walked by which I thought was amazing. Two people had the courage to approach me to see what I was doing and have a chat.

When I'm concentrating on drawing I become more aware of sounds around me and on the first day I was bombarded with an whirring engine close by, birds tweeting, traffic humming and police sirens off in the distance topped off with a whiff of diesel fumes. When it was windy I had to deal with paper flying around and when it was sunny my eyes watered and my nose ran. These are some of the joys of working outside.

I have been observing the blossom developing over the last few weeks and was keen to concentrate on some of that for my first drawing before it all disappears. I was glad to find that I hadn't left it too late to spend time scrutinising some of it and here are the results.


  1. Wow. I am overcome by the detail of this. ~ Marta

  2. Lovely post Heather. I am going to be at the Doomed Gallery in Ridley Road Hackney on Sunday. Is that anywhere near you? Linda